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The call for presentations is now closed.

The responses have been reviewed and the program is now available.

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We are seeking presentations and workshop sessions exploring our major theme: From Strength to Strength. We want to celebrate and promote what works for us, our students and our collaborators. Our thematic strands are:

Language diversity, educational outcomes and literacy

− Bi-dialectal and bi-lingual approaches for teaching adults.

− Language-based skills and knowledge for literacy workers.

− Assessment practices: whose interests do they serve?

− Teaching strategies to reduce the inequity of educational outcomes.

− Literate practices that are valued in capturing knowledge, memories and history.

Building on our strengths

− Sharing ways that work

− Borrowing from other sectors, learning from other countries

− The future for literacy and numeracy education in vocational training

− Reinventing community-based literacy and numeracy

Literacy, equity, justice and human rights

− Healthy individuals, workers and communities

− Aboriginal rights and aspirations

− Literacy and productivity: is managerialism working?

− Developing sustainable partnerships between other social activists and literacy practitioners.

− Literacy and the legal system.

− The place of adult literacy education in the Social Inclusion Agenda.


We want to create a program with something for everyone: teachers, tutors, researchers bureaucrats, thinkers, activists and others from outside our sector who may want to collaborate with us. All sessions should focus on the context of second chance education, particularly the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Each theme might be developed with reference to research, theory, policy, or practice.


The concurrent sessions can be 40 or 90 minutes. Forty minute sessions are intended for brief reports, and showcasing new resources. Workshops of ninety minutes are intended to include participatory activities.


Copyright of individual workshops presented at the 2009 ACAL conference remain copyright of the respective author/s. ACAL reserves the right to record presentations and to publish papers, photographs and recordings. ACAL may distribute information about these workshops for teaching and research purposes in journals or on the website.


Workshop presenters will be required to register for the conference. Presenter discounts and day registrations will be available.


Presenters are required to submit proposals by 19th May 2009.

For further information contact our Conference Organiser,

Mike Hewitt

C/- Conference Advisors

Suite 1, 1010 Forrest Ave

Mundaring 6073 Western Australia


Ph: (61) 8 9295 1980

Fax: (61) 8 9295 1981

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