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Join us at the 2009 ACAL 32nd Annual Conference from Thursday 1st October – Saturday 3rd October 2009 to be held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia.


Our conference theme is 'From Strength to Strength'.


All of us have strengths. Some are valued, some are undervalued and some even unrecognised. Talents drive innovation and at the same time build healthy communities and maintain cultural heritages. There is no enterprise where this is more true than in literacy education for adults.


In choosing the From Strength to Strength theme, we encourage presenters and delegates to focus on how we can utilise a learner’s current talents and capacities, whether they be linguistic competence in dialects and languages, a practical problem-solving orientation, interactive social strengths that build strong communities and families, or traditional knowledge that is part of our world’s heritage. Innovations, auto adaptations and accommodations are critical if we are to cope with modern realities and the ever-increasing pace of change.


This conference offers new workers in the field access to strategies which have been developed for second chance education to build on an adult’s existing knowledge and connect to their world, using what learners are good at as the basis for developing exciting and engaging programs that achieve more in the available time.


This conference will challenge delegates to review some of our most basic assumptions. We will focus on how we can harness skills and potential which have been devalued and discarded in the past. We intend to provide a springboard from which interested people might make a way to ensure that the Productivity Agenda will encompass the things which create real value in our society.


I encourage you to register soon and secure your place at ACAL 2009 for what will be an unforgettable event.


Together, we will make a difference. See you in Fremantle in October 2009!


Cheryl Wiltshire


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